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Synesthesia is an essential oil fragrance company that formulates scented blends intended to stimulate the mind and body to work in harmony throughout the day, whether motivating in the morning or relaxing at night.

The goal was to create a logo that encapsulated the transition from day to night and an icon that emulates harmony.


Lily Pad Press was a greeting card printing company who wanted a fun design to represent their leap from a corporate parent company to an independent distributor focusing on seasonally based cards celebrating the natural world.

The goal was to have a bold font with an organic color scheme and organic elements. 

Dating911 was a web based, nationally syndicated dating advice website hosted by The Dating Diva who offered advice on the best and worst dating issues. 

The goal was to use a fun and exciting font with an alarming, eye catching color scheme. 

Entrepreneur and executive leadership coach KC Rossi was looking for a fresh rebrand that captured the bold, yet flowing nature of the female executive. 

The goal was to use powerful colors and the Flower of Life nested in a triangle showcasing the interconnected nature of life and the fulfillment of one's highest potential. 

Stash is a clothing line that designs clothes with secret and not so secret pockets to "stash" your valuables. These garments are typically worn out for the night clubbing, at concerts, or at a festival where having a purse with you may not be ideal. With a Stash dress on; your phone, ID, and cash stay close and safe with you!

The goal was to have a bold and funky logo highlighting the nightlife. 

Doodle Deck is a deck of playing cards that one can customize. 

The goal was to have a playful font, not just for kids, with an indication of the personalize the artwork theme of the product. 

Awesome Problem is an Executive search and placement organization who believes having the need for top talent is a great place to be!

The goal was to create a logo that indicates, ideas, growth, and unlocking potential. Thus, the lightbulbs as a flower with a key base. 

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